17 Must Read Historical Costuming Blogs

etienes chocolate girlFor many of us in the living history world, costume is what drew us there. Historical costuming gives us the ability to play dress-up in hand-made creations that let us recreate a much simpler time of life. I have many friends in the reenacting world that have more historical clothing than they do modern wear. Once upon a time, I was that person.

Historical costume blogging is still a relatively new niche. Since I stepped away from this website in 2010, several new blogs have popped up that cover every aspect of costuming from sewing techniques, to research through art to tutorials on how to create the accessories that make our costumes complete.

Below I have compiled a list (in no particular order) of 17 historical costuming blogs that I think every costumer should read. Some focus on 18th century, some focus on the 19th century. Several of these historical costume blogs cover several eras because they just love to recreate clothing from any period. Inside each blog you will find wonderful information needed to help you recreate your garments and accessories.

  • The Fat Reenactress – Julie is a personal friend of mine. I didn’t actually meet her in person until after I quit attending events, but you MUST follow her on Facebook.
    The Fat Reenactress

    The Fat Reenactress

    She is funny, irreverent, smart and kind.

  • Historical Sewing – 19th century sewing…for those who dream of the past
  • Wearing History – A sewing & lifestyle blog
  • Festive Attyre – I found her through Pinterest and fell in love with her 1930’s Hooverette.
  • The Dreamstress – Lots of great tutorials.
  • American Duchess – If you want some 18th century eye-candy, she has it. In spades.
  • Fashionable Frolic – oooooh, the hats….
  • Mode de Lis – A variety of great vintage goodness.
  • Koshka The Kat – I started following her sewing escapades years ago and still love to see what she creates. Amazing stuff.
  • At the Sign of the Golden Scissors – Tons of research, beautiful garments, and easy to read!
  • Démodé – Historical costume projects and research resources, specializing in the 18th century.
  • Your Wardrobe Unlock’d – Just go there. Trust me.
  • Before the Automobile – Wow. Exquisite creations and beautiful photography.
  • Diary of a Mantua Maker – Plan to stay a while. Gorgeous dresses and lots of fashion plates.
  • Mimic of Modes – For the study of historical dress; consisting of analyses of costume in paintings, translations of and research into fashion plates, and occasionally actual sewing.
  • Couture Historique – This blog spans several eras, and the creations are beautiful
  • Jane Austen’s World – More research than costume recreations, but very informative.

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painted silk 18th century gown

From the Victoria & Albert Museum Collection

Do you have a favorite historical sewing or historical costume blog that you think should make the list? Please list it in the comments below.



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