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17 Must Read Historical Costuming Blogs

etienes chocolate girlFor many of us in the living history world, costume is what drew us there. Historical costuming gives us the ability to play dress-up in hand-made creations that let us recreate a much simpler time of life. I have many friends in the reenacting world that have more historical clothing than they do modern wear. Once upon a time, I was that person.

Historical costume blogging is still a relatively new niche. Since I stepped away from this website in 2010, several...

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What is Living History

What is Living History? There are multiple definitions of living history and it means different things to different people. A brief synopsis is re-creating a way of life from the past through physical interpretation utilizing historical artifacts –either original or reproduction- as well as modes of dress based on the time period being portrayed, in a setting where a battle was fought or community was re-created.

It is when people “live” history, historical...

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